About Us

Pocket Passer, LLC was founded by Michael Messimer, a Mechanical Engineer and long time sports fan from Boulder CO, and currently lives in Denver, Colorado.

Pocket Passer started as simply one large piece of plywood with 6 holes cut in it. After hundreds of Saturday and Sunday barbecues, adding more features and perfecting the game, the greatest and most popular tailgate game ever was spawned. Pocket Passer combines features from all the world-wide loved tailgate games including cornhole, beerpong, and throwing footballs!
With so many football fans in the country, the goal is to get this great game to every entertaining outdoor event spreading the joy it brings to everyone here in Denver.
The Denver office consists of hard working product testers and designers who enjoy all outdoor activities:
    Please email us with any questions you may have, we would be happy to answer them! But most importantly, have fun playing Pocket Passer!
    Contact Information:
    Michael Messimer - CEO and Founder
    Email - michael@pocket-passer.com
    Phone - (303)-335-0404