Rules of the game

  • You and your teammate stand behind one board, while your two opponents stand behind the other board. Official Pocket Passer distance is 15ft between boards.
  • Each teammate gets to throw one football at the opposite board, attempting to make it through the holes to earn points.
  • Each hole is worth the following values (as seen above):
    • Top hole is worth 3 points
    • Middle two holes are worth 2 points
    • Bottom three holes are worth 1 point
  • The first team to reach 21 points exactly is the winner.
  • If you get over 21 points (for example if you have 19 points and you hit the 3-hole) you and your teammate’s turn is over. You stay at 19 points and forfeit your turn to the opponents.
  • If you and your teammate both make a shot on the same turn, you get “balls back” and you each get to shoot again.
  • If you and your teammate both make the same exact hole during your turn, you get “balls back” as well as bonus points for the value of the hole that you hit (for example, if you and your teammate both make the right, middle hole, you get 2 points for your shot, 2 points for your teammate’s shot and 2 bonus points for a total of 6 points. If the same thing happened but with the 3-hole, your team would get 9 points).
  • If the ball bounces off the ground and goes in a hole, it counts as a successful shot. However, if the ball does bounce off the ground the defending team may block the ball from going in the holes.
  • If the ball bounces off the board or misses the board, and the opponent catches the ball before it hits the ground, that player gets to move one step forward on their next shot. If the player catches both balls, that player can either take two steps forward or give one step to their teammate. (Note: If the player forgets to move one step forward on their next shot, they no longer get to use that extra step)
  • If you make 2 shots in a row, you can call out the term “heating up”. This means that on your next throw if you make the shot, you have now made 3 shots in a row and you are now “on fire” and get to continue throwing until you miss.
  • If the other team gets to 21 points, the game is not quite over yet. Your team has a “rebuttal” to try and take the game to overtime. During the rebuttal, each player on your team gets to throw until they miss. If they happen to reach 21 points during their rebuttal, then the game is now brought to overtime. Overtime is played the same as the original game except the goal is to reach 5 points. The game can go to as many overtimes as possible until there is a winner.

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